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We’ve all heard the phrase, “Fight your own battles!” But that’s not what God‘s word tells us! Exodus 14:14 says, “The Lord will fight for you; you need only be still.” God wants us to stop trying to fight our own battles and let Him fight them for us! It’s time to take your eyes off what you see and put your eyes on God! How do you do that? By living a life of praise and worship. When we do that, it releases His power to work in our lives and in the situations we face. His power in us enables us to live in freedom and victory! Don’t miss this conference! God has something special just for you! Join with ladies from all across New England as we raise our voices and open our hearts to the Presence and Power of the Holy Spirit!

Lisa J. Sfameni Conference Speaker

Lisa J. Sfameni is an ordained minister, speaker, and singer. For 33 years, she has co-pastored  Victory Church in Providence with her husband, Richard. Lisa has traveled domestically and  internationally to Amsterdam, Israel, Kenya, Burundi, and Liberia to minister to pastors’ wives and  leaders. She has recorded four gospel music CDs and is the founder and host of the Women of  Judah Conference, and Judah Conference Liberia, now in it’s second year. She firmly believes in  the supernatural power of praise, worship, and prayer, and continues to see God working in her  own life and family as she applies these powerful principles. She has personally experienced the  sustaining power of God in her life through discouragement, anxiety, disappointment and loss.  Lisa loves to see women set free from past hurts and walking in true freedom and joy in Christ.  Richard and Lisa have two adult children, Philip and Hannah; a daughter-in-law, Shawna; and  two precious grandchildren, Kaia and Ezra. 

Tara O’Brien and her husband, Mike, are the Youth Pastors at Victory Church. They have been  married for over 12 years and have a passion to see young people fall in love with Jesus and grow  in their relationships with Him. Tara also serves as a Worship Leader at Victory, where she grew up.  She was raised in a strong Christian home where she developed a love for music as a child. During  her teenage years, she went through a very difficult season after losing her father to cancer.  However, God remained faithful through it all and continued to lead and direct her steps. Tara’s  life is a living testimony of God’s grace and mercy. She has learned the necessity of praise and  worship in the midst of the battles. You will sense the anointing of the Holy Spirit as she leads our  worship sessions. Mike and Tara have two beautiful daughters, Madeline, 8 and Abigail, 6.

Tara M. O'Brien    Worship Leader

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